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What is Salt n'Vinegar Clothing?

We are a startup brand located in Basel, Switzerland and produce high quality clothing. This brand was founded by two students, who both love food, especially Salt n'Vinegar crisps. Our aim was to create fashion that was affordable for students in our age. Our policy: Urban clothing created by youth for the time they live in.

We don't want to just be a skater or a biking brand. Salt n'Vinegar is for everyone!


We started off with a small production in the basemant of one of the founders and we continue trying to expand our business. Salt n'Vinegar should be a bridge to bring people all over the world together and connect the youth of today by the fashion they have in common. Enjoy wearing our stuff and spread the love! Always Remember: "Only dead fish go with the flow!"

Benoît & Hannah


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards